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Compliance Excellence,
Your Competitive Advantage.

We are a compliance consultancy that understands the challenges facing small to medium-sized financial services businesses and start-ups navigating compliance and regulation in the UK. Our work is to make it less daunting and more seamless.

Why choose us?

We specialise in providing tailored compliance solutions designed to help small to medium-sized firms and start-ups get regulated and thrive in a compliant and competitive environment.

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Industry Expertise

We have deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape in the UK and recognise the challenges faced by firms in the industry. 

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Your sensitive compliance matters and business information are treated with the most confidentiality and discretion.

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Tailored Solutions

We provide compliance solutions that align with your unique business goals. 

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Responsive Support

We are dedicated to providing timely and responsive support, addressing your compliance concerns and questions promptly.

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Proven Success

Our track record of helping firms achieve and maintain compliance speaks to our commitment to your long-term success. 

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Cost effective

We offer competitive pricing structures to ensure that our compliance consulting services remain accessible to firms on a budget. 

What partners say...
What truly sets Andrew at Compliance Angle apart is his dedication to understanding unique business models and industry nuances. He has been instrumental in
fine-tuning our compliance and risk framework at Canopy, and we highly recommend his services to any company wishing to tackle compliance head on.
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